BG2 Wearable Barcode Scanner

The Conker BG2 makes the work of barcode scanning hands free with a wearable, high-comfort breathable work glove. Integrated within the glove is an intuitive trigger button reachable by the thumb. Available Left/Right handed in three sizes.

  • Up to 15 hours battery life
  • 2 hour charge time
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Shock proof industrial housing
  • Easy docking station charging
  • Removable battery

Transform logistics with the ease of a wearable barcode scanner. Industrial grade, power for the job and mounted on a washable all-day work glove.


  • Utilises Zebra SE4710 2D scan engine
  • 30 days standby
  • 8.9 hours continuous scanning, 6400 scans, 5 secs per scan
  • IP65 and 1.5 metre drop tested
  • -5°C to 50°C operating temperature
  • Approx 85 grams including glove (45 grams net)
  • Bluetooth HID with 30 metre range


  • All-in-one charging dock: Charges 1x barcode scanner + 1x spare battery


  • Breathable work glove: Available in Small/Medium/Large and either Left/Right handed.
  • 550mAh battery


Conker Warranty

Conker products are built to last. But more than rugged, our devices are reinforced with passionate technical support and service. Every Conker device is handled solely by us during it’s lifetime. Our warranties ensure you have the lowest operating costs when compared to consumer products and other rugged devices. Inclusive and with no small print, here are the warranty options for this Conker product:

Relax 1 year

Included FREE is our Conker Relax 1 year warranty. The best warranty by far.

  • Free collect and return (in the UK)
  • Free unlimited accidental damage cover including
  • Includes fire & theft
  • Guaranteed zero repair charges
  • 25% fee for complete replacements
  • Battery cover included for warranty duration
  • Priority repair SLAs
  • No exclusions for “wear and tear”.

Relax 2 year

Upgrade your Relax warranty from 1 year to 2 years and keep all the benefits of Relax including accidental damage cover and priority SLA.

Relax 3 year

Upgrade your Relax warranty to include a full 3 years and keep all the benefits of Relax including accidental damage cover and priority SLA.

Relax 3 +2 (5 year warranty)

Relax warranty for 3 years as above. Then our standard warranty for years 4 & 5.

  • Covers failure due to manufacturing fault for 5 years
  • Covers all parts & labour
  • Extends technical support for non-manufacturing fault failure
  • 1 hour labour cap on non-manufacturing fault repairs
  • 50% replacement fee option for non-manufacturing fault devices beyond repair
  • No accidental damage cover in years 4 & 5

Companion Products

The Conker BG2  can connect to any device that supports Bluetooth. This could be a smartphone or tablet running Android or Windows. It could also be a desktop PC so long as the PC is within the 30 metre Bluetooth range.

Most likely you will want to use the Conker BG2 with a portable device. Given the hands-free benefit of the BG2 the most efficient solution is a wearable PDA/computer. The products below will offer the greatest efficiency and together offer a complete hands-free solution.