ConkerCam S5

A flagship 6.1″ rugged Android device, IP68 rated, 28 hours of video playback, PTT ready and vehicle mount accessory. You’ll love USB-C, the narrow bezel, teardrop front camera, fantastic screen and long lasting battery.

  • 15 hours recording time
  • H.265 video uses 40% less storage
  • Dock-and-download function
  • IR Night Vision
  • IP68 Waterproof

Introducing the ConkerCam S5, developed from customer feedback to provide the features and functionality your workforce needs.

Data management

is an overlooked aspect of Body Worn Video and the first step in data management is getting data off the device. To more easily facilitate this important “offline” step we’ve developed a 10-port docking station + computer software that will download camera data from ALL units. Additionally we’ve focussed on delivering a higher hardware spec capable of encoding your video in H.265 format which produces 40% smaller video files than H.264. For medium quality 1080p video this equates to 540MB (½GB) per hour saving, or 4GB per user per day assuming 8 hours.

Onboard Storage

We’re providing 32GB of storage, enough for approximately 40 hours of video at 1080p, 56 hours at 720p. At maximum quality 1512p you’re still getting over 11 hours of video but at 2.6GB per hour we don’t recommend this to customers.