Wearable Barcode Scanner

The Conker BG2 makes the work of barcode scanning hands free with a wearable, high-comfort breathable work glove. Integrated within the glove is an intuitive trigger button reachable by the thumb. Available Left/Right handed in three sizes.

  • Up to 15 hours battery life
  • 2 hour charge time
  • Removable battery
  • 3 gloves styles, 3 sizes, left/right handed
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Shock proof industrial housing
  • Easy docking station charging

    When it comes to performance reliability Conker Android Handheld devices outperforms. It is the best device to help you achieve workplace efficiency.

    Conker’s range of rugged handheld devices provides the perfect solution if you looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Flexible with a small handheld frame but also extremely powerful as it comes with the latest Android operating system. Collect, send, and store data in the most efficient possible way with Conker’s Android Handhelds.


    Transform logistics with the ease of a wearable barcode scanner. Industrial grade, power for the job and mounted on a washable all-day work glove.


    The Conker BG2 Rugged Wearable Barcode scanner promises to improve employee productivity and satisfaction. This device allows the streamlined transmission of crucial data. As a result, workers can enjoy hands-free flexibility while completing tasks so that efficiency, productivity, and safety are all improved.

    BG2 is built to be a non-intrusive, performance-boosting device. It is not overly complicated as employees can easily trigger a scan button through the scanner or glove with one finger.

    Best of all, because it uses an already industry-proven barcode scanner, your team can now scan over a thousand barcodes in just a few hours.


    Experience reduced downtime and improved productivity with the Conker Rugged Wearable. Your team will be able to enjoy over 15 hours of battery life when used in a typical operations setting.

    In addition, you will only need 2 hours to charge your battery fully. The Conker BG2 ensures that your team will never have to worry about possible interruptions during work.


    If you need to collaborate via video calls or watch video instructions, the last thing you want is running out of battery.  It’s not a problem for the SX82 2D, as the tablet offers up to 29 hours of video running time at 50% screen brightness.

    Those who prefer a 100% brightness can still work a full day without topping up the battery, with 14 hours and 20 mins running time.

    But even if the tablet goes flat, in 2 hours and 15 minutes, half of the battery will be replenished.


    The BG2 is equipped with the top of the range Zebra SE4710 2D Barcode Scanner. As a result, you can expect impressive precision scanning performance that only this barcode scanner can produce.

    The Conker BG2 is a perfect choice for industries that require consistent delivery of information from the floor to your business’ central system.


    You can make work even easier with a range of optional accessories you can get along with the device. Ensure that your device is always ready on the go with the Desk Dock Charger. It has the ability to charge 1x scanner and 1x spare battery.