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Why Rugged Tablets are Essential for Field Workers

Why Rugged Tablets are Essential for Field Workers

Workers in the field most often find themselves working in tough environments. For example, most are working in dusty areas, in the pouring rain, and crawling into dark and tight spaces. Typically, field workers will expect to use devices that will work even in tough environments. This makes rugged tablets the perfect choice across a range of sectors that need workers in the field.

Rugged tablets are hoisted to become an essential tool in a field worker’s toolbox. Businesses are now looking at making a seamless digital workflow. As a result, sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, transportation, public safety, utilities and even the military have started using rugged devices in their operations.

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There are plenty of advantages to using rugged tablets. It is not only great for businesses but for their workers as well. In this article, we are highlighting the ways rugged devices improve the productivity workers. We also shared how it helps streamline the operations of variedvarious industries.

The Transportation Industry Gets an Increased Insight in Performance With Rugged Tablets

Rugged devices have made several positive changes in the way how the transportation industry works. In the past, tracking a driver’s location during Hours of Service (HOS) have been difficult. As a result, businesses have seen numerous losses due to inefficiency. Business in the transportation industry has also had problems in tracking the fuel efficiency and tracking of proof of deliveries.

With the help of rugged devices, business leaders in the transportation industry are now able to track their driver’s HOS efficiently. It has also been able to take note of their behaviour behind the wheel and driving habits. Finally, it also helps the drivers in completing their Electronic Visual Inspection Reports conveniently.

A rugged tablet much like the Conker NS10 can easily handle everything that comes with working in tough environments. Whether dust, rain, extreme temperatures or vibrations while driving on the road, rugged tablets are designed to withstand the worst beatings.

Rugged Tablets Help Airlines Take Off

Maintenance is one of the most important cost components for any airline company. Delays in flights can be very costly that is why having a reliable Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) software is important. With a reliable MRO, maintenance contractors and airlines can manage their maintenance process across all of their fleets. For rugged tablets to support the airlines’ industry in providing the best digital MRO solution, it should be able to endure extreme temperatures, rain, vibrations, shocks and drops.

The airline industry has also discovered that rugged tablets are best for POS or Point of Sale systems and in-flight entertainment. Rugged tablets are better at handling accidental bumps and impacts during flights which in turn reduces the costs for repair or the need of purchasing a new device.

Rugged Tablets are In-Demand in Warehouse Management

Operations and warehouse management have been using regular mobile devices for different tasks. Included in these tasks are shipping, consolidation and inventory tracking. However, warehouse managers are now looking at upgrading to rugged tablets as it provides better flexibility and functionality.

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The IoT or Internet of Things brings new potential for sensor-equipped devices. As a result warehouse operations is improved by enabling faster shipping at a lower cost.

Rugged tablets that are designed to work in extreme environments are becoming more popular in the warehouse industry. According to VDC and Ivanti, regular devices has a 19.8% failure rate, a lot bigger than its rugged devices counterpart which only has a 3.8% failure rate. A single device failure can cost a 30 to 40-minute downtime for a worker which can also cause delays in productivity.

Allows Asset Management in Different Environments

Tracking and maintaining an inventory of equipment and assets in an enterprise can be quite a challenging task. This challenge is magnified for business and its workers who work in extreme conditions. Furthermore, it can also be hard for those with large remote labour pools or robust manufacturing. Most of the time, the wear and tear that happens on regular smart devices such as tablets can be very costly.

With rugged tablets, asset management is a lot easier as business leaders can equip their workers with tools that are made with better tracking and inventory applications.

Public and Private Data Protection

Agencies that are in Public Safety have incorporated smart devices such as tablets and smartphones in their daily operations. While a lot of devices already feature IP68 Certification, most of them are still vulnerable to shocks and drops. On the other hand, rugged devices are IP68 certified and MIL-STD-810G. These certifications ensures that these devices are durable for public safety use.

Rugged devices such as rugged tablets have become an integral part of the operations across different industries. Rugged tablets have proven to improve the productivity of its users, lower the operational costs of companies and improve their data collection.

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