Rugged Devices by Conker

APB Consultants are an Authorised Reseller of Conker Rugged Devices.

Conker is a British supplier of rugged reliable tablets, smartphones, PDAs and barcode scanners for Businesses, also offering support and repairs from here in the UK. Whether you are implementing digital transformation into your company, are tired of repairing and replacing consumer devices or are looking for a rugged provider that promises exceptional support, we can help.

By providing your company with durable and reliable devices, you can save on costs, boost work efficiency and productivity for your workforce and benefit from the longevity of our tough devices. Conker’s range of rugged smartphones, rugged tablets and tough handhelds are purpose-built to be waterproof, dust proof, drop proof, pressure proof and heat proof.

Our rugged mobiles, tablets and scanners are available on both Windows and Android operating systems, with built in or add on bar code scanners depending on the required model.

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