Windows 10 Pro Tablet with Barcode Scanner

The Conker NS10 2D is an all-in-one device that allows your workers to scan, store data, and communicate with teammates seamlessly. It is the perfect choice for companies that need a practical device that is powerful and reliable at the same time. Give your team the confidence to complete tasks with ease even in the harshest conditions with the NS10 2D.

  • Bright 10″ Display
  • Choose Windows 10 Pro or Win 11
  • 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD
  • IP65 Rated
  • Only 1100g
  • Honeywell N3680 2D Barcode Scanner


    10″ Tablet with Windows 10 Pro with Barcode Scanner.


    • Vehicle Mount
    • Docking Station


    Wide Range of Connectivity Options: Teams on the field or floor require constant connectivity to send and receive data. NS10 2D makes this easy by giving users numerous connectivity choices. The rugged windows tablet pc comes with high-quality WiFi, 3G and 4G connectivity. You can also pair a compatible Bluetooth accessory, such as a keyboard or a mouse, to process data in just seconds. 

    Long-lasting battery: Battery life is never going to be a problem again with NS10 2D. It comes with a whopping 10000 mAh battery – one of the most powerful in the market. That means your workers can go all day long on a single charge, allowing faster completion of tasks. 

    Windows 10 Professional: Windows 10 Pro is the ultimate choice if your team constantly deals with secure data and information. Windows 10 Pro comes with additional features that are useful for securing all your data, such as Bitlocker, a Microsoft encryption utility. Whether as a scanner or a work laptop, the NS10 2D comes fully equipped to support workers from end to end.  

    IP65 RATED

    Rugged through and through, this affordable rugged tablet pc device performs even when in contact with microparticles and dust. In addition, the NS10 2D is tested versus water ingress. It can withstand issues like water jet and condensation.

    It can also withstand drops of over 1 metre, as well as, other operating in demanding working environments.


    The Honeywell N3680 is a fast and accurate barcode. It can easily be used on a wide variety of surfaces and materials. It promises enhanced reliability to allow potential use in different industries where imaging applications is a crucial day-to-day necessity.


    The NS10 2D comes with 10 point capacitive, toughened glass. That means your device is scratch resistant and can easily perform even in demanding environments.


    To ensure continuous operations at all times the optional desk dock charging station is a good addition. The desk dock comes with added features such as an RJ45 plus 3xUSB ports so you can stretch your connectivity even wider. For additional charging capacity, you can also secure the vehicle power adapter.

    This means charging your battery is always possible anytime and anywhere.