6” Rugged Windows 10 Tablet with Barcode Scanner

The Conker NS6 2D is a 6-inch rugged windows handheld with a Honeywell industrial barcode scanner. Aimed at professionals, this high performance rugged tablet packs as much power as larger models for work on the go. Windows 10 operating system maintains a collaborative work structure wherever your team is.

  • Smallest Full Windows 10 Enterprise Tablet
  • Honeywell N3680 2D Barcode Scanner
  • 6” Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
  • 4 GB RAM Memory & 64 GB Storage
  • IP65 Rated

Enjoy flexibility and high performance when you are supported with the ever-reliable Conker Rugged Windows Handhelds.

    Conker’s range of durable Windows handheld devices provide effective hassle free rugged mobility for any workplace. Built to withstand the most demanding environments and equipped with the latest Windows OS, you can rely on these devices to provide you with the support that you need.

    The Conker NS6 2D is the smallest fully 6-Inch Rugged Windows Tablet with a full Windows OS in the industry.


    Easy to trigger via the left button on the handheld, the compact scanner design utilises imaging technology to support a vast variety of symbols, including 2D barcodes and NFC.

    For industrial settings and facility management environments, the scanner ensures effective task management and rapid team and tool deployment across different structures.


    The NS6 combines a small screen with top quality resolution and a rugged shell. For users, it’s a reliable and safe device that keeps everything they need at their fingertips.

    With its sturdy housing, the NS6 6-inch feels like a large smartphone, making it comfortable for everyday needs. The hand strap keeps it at hand for when your workforce needs to scan or interact with other items, without requiring constant holding.


    With 4GB, it’s fair to say the Conker NS6 2D has plenty of memory to run multiple Windows 10 applications at the same time. The 64GB storage space is common practice among small rugged windows tablet 2022 devices and allows to store files for quick and rapid access.


    Charging dock (1x handset, 1x battery, 2x USB)

    Introducing the charging desk dock for the NS6 6” Handheld. To use, slide the Conker NS6 into the charging desk dock.

    The charging dock also includes a handset, with earphones and microphone for practical handsfree communication, and additional USB adapter and charger. The handset can be used while the tablet is charging in the desk dock.

    While in the charging dock the NS6 front and rear cameras can still function via a window and all side buttons are also accessible.
    The additional scanner is installed with this model.