8″ Rugged Android Tablet with Barcode Scanner

Lightweight, robust, and equipped with a 2D barcode reader, the Conker SX82 2D is the ideal tool for mobile workforce in an industrial, healthcare, or warehousing environment. The tablet packs a monster battery for over 24 hours video playtime and expandable memory for up to 128 GB storage.

  • MediaTek Helio P60 Octa-core CPU
  • Android 10.0
  • 8 inch IPS LCD
  • Toughened Glass 3 Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Zebra SE4710 2D Barcode Scanner

SX82 Datasheet


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You never know what the workplace can throw at you, but with a Conker rugged tablet, you’ll at least know your tech is protected from damage.

    Conker’s range of rugged Android tablets are designed to make work easier. Equipped an operating system that is built to support mobile devices, you can expect nothing but reliable performance from Conker’s rugged tablets. These tablets are built to withstand all kinds of events and environment, being dustproof, drop-proof and waterproof.

    Achieve complete digital transform and experience Hassle Free Rugged Mobility with Conker’s Rugged Tablets today.

    The SX82 2D 8 inch rugged Android tablet with a 2D barcode scanner takes a rugged step up from the SX80.

    More rugged, a larger battery and interoperability with fixed accessories including a desktop docking station and a VESA mountable vehicle dock offering charging + great I/O. Enjoy a true all-day battery with the SX82.


    Zebra 2D barcode scanner: The SX82 2D comes with the Zebra SE4710 2D barcode scanner. Users can enjoy superior performance as the barcode scanner is equipped with Zebra’s proprietary PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, as well as,  industry-leading decoding algorithms. As a result, your team can stay productive all day long.

    Lightweight device:

    The 8-inch tablet is light enough for mobile workers and even backpackers to carry it around comfortably thanks to its 700g weight. This makes it ideal for environments where the workforce needs to carry a device at all times, such as scientific recordings, warehousing management, or even healthcare. 

    Android 10 operating system: Android 10 makes interactions in your favourite applications smarter and more intuitive by automatically opening the required apps when you hover over a link. Besides, the OS keeps you in the loop with Google Pay system updates about privacy and security updates. 


    The guaranteed IP65 rating means that you can safely use the SX82 2D in the presence of humidity and dust. The tablet is fully dust-tight and can sustain humidity levels up to 95% without condensation.

    It also has critical waterproof features and can withstand low pressure water sprays and jets. So, you don’t have to worry about rain or accidental water splashes.

    The screen is toughened so it can sustain being dropped multiple times on a hard surface from 1.2 metres. 


    If you need to collaborate via video calls or watch video instructions, the last thing  you want is running out of battery. It’s not a problem for the SX82 2D, as the tablet offers up to 29 hours of video running time at 50% screen brightness.

    Those who prefer a 100% brightness can still work a full day without topping up the battery, with 14 hours and 20 mins running time.

    But even if the tablet goes flat, in 2 hours and 15 minutes, half of the battery will be replenished.


    Busy field workers will love how SX82 2D comes with a massive 9800 mAh battery. That means less charging required even during continuous operations. As a result, your device can consistently provide the necessary communication and data support during work hours.


    The desk docking station for the SX82 2D tablet is compatible with the DC-input and USB-C port. Included in the desk dock, users also get a spare battery charging slot. You can carry on working while the tablet is charging in the desk dock, as the screen remains usable even during charging and side ports are accessible.  But you can also use the docking station as an improvised workstation. 

    Highly versatile, the VESA mount allows users to secure and charge the SX82 2D tablet safely during commute, including in professional vehicles. The quick-click VESA mount, coming with a double-ball-joint arm, is easy to set up and position so you can use your screen for GPS navigation or work instructions.