Wearable Android PDA/Computer

A wrist worn 4 inch rugged Android companion device for a mobile workforce that prizes keeping both hands available. Paired with a wearable barcode scanner the Conker WC4 provides a complete hands free solution.

  • 4″ Display running Android
  • Universal easy-fit strap
  • WIFI, Bluetooth & Cellular
  • IP65 Rugged housing
  • Removable battery
  • Only 273g

    When it comes to performance reliability Conker Android Handheld devices outperforms. It is the best device to help you achieve workplace efficiency.

    Conker’s range of rugged handheld devices provides the perfect solution if you looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Flexible with a small handheld frame but also extremely powerful as it comes with the latest Android operating system. Collect, send, and store data in the most efficient possible way with Conker’s Android Handhelds.


    Transform mobile work with the ease of a wearable full-Android device. Industrial grade, power for the job and mounted on a comfortable wrist strap.


    Small but Packs a Punch: The Conker Rugged Wearable Android Companion is only 4.0 inches large. Despite its size, the device runs on an Android 10.0 Operating System and can connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Your team can expect unmatched performance making it easier to complete daily tasks.

    Lightweight and Mobile: In many workplaces such as logistics and retail, many employees will prefer devices that allow mobility. The Conker Rugged Wearable Android PDA Companion is designed to meet this need. By allowing workers to finish tasks faster by freeing up their hands to collect and send information.


    Wearable devices such as the Conker Rugged Wearable Android Companion transforms workplaces like warehouses by turning complexity into simplicity. The device provides a good 4.0 inch visual touch-screen display with programmable buttons. Overall, the best rugged android PDA device maximizes the operational productivity of a workplace.


    Enjoy hours of long runtime with the Rugged Wearable Companion. The device only needs a 4-hour charge to work for over 10 hours.

    Thus, the wearable device enhances productivity along with longer, uninterrupted work hours.


    The Conker Rugged Wearable Android Companion is rugged through and through. When it comes to it, the device can endure the harshest environments. The device is rugged enough to withstand water, dust, humidity, drops, and temperatures that range from freezing to extreme heat.

    Thus, it is perfect for different industries that require heavy-duty performing devices.