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A Look At The Many Benefits Of Drone Roof Inspections

A Look At The Many Benefits Of Drone Roof Inspections

When carrying out a traditional roof inspection compared to a drone roof inspection on a large or complex structure, there are a number of potential issues to bear in mind. Not only can these inspections be difficult to perform, they can also be costly and present some significant risks.

Traditionally, carrying out roof inspections has always come with some risks due to the need to work at height. The possibility of falls from scaffolding equipment or ladders is ever present, along with logistical costs and arrangements of MEWP’s.

Fortunately, the latest drone technology allows those risks to be effectively eliminated while also offering the benefits of making inspections simpler, speedier, and less expensive.

Drone Roof Inspections Are An Alternative to Working at Height

When roofs are inspected using a drone, the majority of risks that are associated with traditional roof inspections can be eliminated.

Deteriorated structures and roofs, working at height, and dealing with complex designs and difficult to access roof areas all pose potential risks to people inside and around the building as well as to the inspectors themselves.

Using drones for roof inspections allows data and information to be collected without endangering the lives of others.

Drones Can Collect More In-Depth Data

Thanks to the ability of drones to access virtually all areas of a building. They can collect more data and useful information by using high-quality video, thermal cameras, and imaging. Another advantage is that they can access tight and hard to reach spaces that an inspector could not have managed themselves.

As a result, drone building inspections can be quicker, accurate, and more efficient overall.

Since drones can be used again and again, they can take video or photos from a single location repeatedly. This is something that is very helpful when before and after images need to be compared after completing repairs.

Thanks to the built-in GPS systems that drones feature, it’s possible to ensure shots are taken from precisely the same spot at each visit. They can also capturing videos and images from identical angles and elevations. Something that is near impossible if a human was carrying out a manual inspection.

Drones Speed Up Roof Inspections

Planning then carrying out traditional roof inspections can be time-consuming. With a drone roof inspection, there is no need for any access or climbing equipment so the process is speedier and more convenient.

The drone is able to transmit the information to the ground team or via the Cloud, so data can be analysed and reports generated more rapidly than ever before.

Drone Roof Inspections Reduce Costs

Using drones for roof inspections can reduce the costs of inspecting a roof significantly. There’s no need for acquiring or transporting expensive lifts, scaffolding, ladders, and climbing gear and equipment. Furthermore, fewer team members will be required to complete the process, reducing both labour and equipment costs.

Since fewer team members are needed and inspections take less time, it becomes possible to perform multiple roof inspections in one day. It is even possible for multiple inspections to be carried out simultaneously. Provided the team has sufficient drones and pilots available, one inspector can simply monitor all inspections remotely via the Cloud.

Thanks to the latest technological developments, drones are the perfect solution for modern roof inspections, reducing risks and saving time, effort, and expense. Get in touch today for your high-quality drone roof inspection.

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