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The Importance Of An Accurate GEA, NIA And GIA Report

<strong>The Importance Of An Accurate GEA, NIA And GIA Report</strong>

Area Referencing Surveys are a vital component when dealing with many different sizes and types of buildings. Obtaining an accurate GEA (Gross External Area Report), NIA (Net Internal Area Report), and GIA (Gross Internal Area Report) is key.

When buildings are being leased, acquired, valued, marketed, or disposed of, accurate area statements are generally required. These need to be correctly calculated for a host of reasons including costing and legal obligations.

When it comes to creating an accurate report, it’s essential to use an experienced and trusted team to ensure that the figures produced are reliable and correct. If the information cannot be guaranteed to be unbiased, issues can arise during the handling of the property.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at area referencing reports and find out more about the differences between GEA, NIA and GIA measurements.

An Overview Of Area Referencing Surveys

Area Referencing Surveys involve accurately calculating the different areas inside a building. These measurements may be carried out on either the whole building, or on a floor-by-floor basis.

Once the measurements are obtained, an Area Referencing Report is drawn up to cover the various area calculations required by the client, which may include one or more out of NIA (Net Internal Area report), GEA (Gross External Area report), or GIA (Gross Internal Area report) calculations.

Area Referencing measurements are carried out using the latest tools and equipment by professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the appropriate measurement techniques as well as an expert understanding of the latest RICS guidelines.

Why Are Accurate Area Referencing Reports So Important?

Area Referencing Reports are required when refurbishing, developing, selling, or leasing all kinds and sizes of properties nationwide. If measurements are carried out incorrectly, there may be grounds for legal action at some point in the future, not to mention the potential to lose out on revenue due to under-reporting of building sizes. Ensuring area measurements are properly carried out is vital to ensure contractual obligations and due diligence requirements are met.

What Is An Net Internal Area Report?

An NIA or Net Internal Area report is a frequently used form of Area Survey. It provides a calculation of the total usable area inside a given building on every floor level. An NIA report gives an accurate floor plan for a property, which is then used for space planning. NIA calculations are essential when it comes to valuing, rating, and marketing a property, and they must be performed in line with the measurement practice code set out by the RICS.

What Is A Gross External Area Report?

A Gross External Area or GEA report provides calculations for a building’s total area when measured externally on every floor level. This type of report is essential for several different purposes including for building cost estimations, council tax and residential property ratings, and for Town Planning.

What Is A Gross Internal Area Report?

A GIA – Gross Internal Area report – is required for the purpose of estimating building costs, valuing properties, and rating a variety of industrial and specialised buildings. A Gross Internal Area report is also need when valuing new-build homes and for marketing newly-built residential developments as well as when calculating service charges for property management.

This report provides a calculation of a building’s total area when measured to the perimeter walls’ internal faces on every floor level.

Complying With RICS Guidelines

As all types of Area Referencing Reports are used for legal and costings purposes, it is essential that they are carried out correctly, accurately, and in line with the guidelines set out by the RICS. Ensuring that NIA, GEA, and GIA reports are unbiased is also imperative.

For this reason, it’s always advisable to use an independent team of surveyors who have the necessary technology, skills, and experience to undertake measurement surveys of these types for all sizes and types of buildings in accordance with the appropriate guidelines.

Finding A Reliable Team Of Experienced Surveyors

It’s clear that producing highly-accurate Area Referencing Reports that are unbiased and created in accordance with the most up-to-date RICS guidelines is essential. Therefore, finding a team of reliable and experienced surveyors to perform the measurements and draw up the necessary report is crucial.

APB Consultants is an independent, professional company, and we always ensure that the information we provide is unbiased, reliable, and highly accurate at all times. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about our Area Referencing Surveys and Reports.

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