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How Rugged Windows Devices with A Barcode Scanner Is Changing Business Operations

How Rugged Windows Devices with A Barcode Scanner Is Changing Business Operations

How Rugged Windows Devices with A Barcode Scanner Is Changing Business Operations

Using rugged Windows devices with a barcode scanner allows efficiency and improves productivity. Barcode scanners are one of the best tools for well-organized data capturing and storing.  As a result, it is a valuable tool choice for various businesses. Additionally, it is a good choice for those who are looking to improve the way they work and reduce overhead costs. Barcode scanners are cost-effective and reliable when it comes to a variety of day-to-day tasks.

Utilising a rugged Windows device with barcode scanners means you do not need to worry about keeping two separate tools while working. In this article, we have put together some of the best reasons to help you decide why an add-on barcode scanner is the best choice.

Why Use a Barcode Scanner?

To start this article lets first check the value of using a barcode scanner for your operations. Since its creation, barcode scanners have been an integral part of how humans live. It is used in so many ways that most of us probably do not realise how these codes are intertwined in our day to day living.

You can find barcode scanners in any kind of equipment you use daily. In fact, most businesses can no longer be efficient without using barcode technology. Here are some of the reasons why barcodes are so valuable and the kind of technology it has become.

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  1. Increased EfficiencyHumans are not perfect, therefore, errors can easily happen when recording information and tracking other items like inventory and expenses. Additionally, if a person wants to find out about the history of a product on a shelf, it can be hard to dig through thousands of files. Barcodes can easily help you find items where they are. It is the best way to collect, store and retrieve data in a matter of seconds.
  2. Save TimeConsider the old ways that inventory is done. This task typically involves a lot of manpower and number writing or input. This kind of process is tedious and can be prone to errors. Barcode and barcode scanners changed this entirely. Now businesses can operate with a fraction of manpower. In consequence, by simply scanning a barcode, inventory has become very easy. Instead of having to physically log all the numbers and items by hand, barcode contains all the information that you need.
  3. Reduce MistakesBarcode scanners easily eliminate the possibility of human error. It is easy to make mistakes when relying on manually entered data. Using a barcode scanner allows you to get fast and reliable data in less time than by entering it by hand. Through scanning these codes, you can also easily update your data or information storage.
  4. Less Training NeededA barcode system reduces employee training time. It takes very little time to master how to use a barcode scanner. Additionally, your employees do not need to become familiar with an entire pricing procedure or inventory.
  5. Reduce LiabilityBarcodes can provide asset and security tracking. It is one of the best ways companies can keep their peace of mind as it can effectively reduce loss and liability.

Reasons To Get A Rugged Windows Device with Barcode Scanner

These days there are plenty of options when it comes to barcode scanners brand. However, one that is slowly but surely becoming the choice of companies are rugged Windows devices with barcode scanners.

Rugged Windows devices are reliable and versatile. As a result, it has slowly but surely become the choice tool for many businesses. There are dozens of benefits that rugged Windows tablets can bring to your business. For example, you no longer need to worry about downtime due to tools getting damaged. A rugged Windows device with a barcode scanner means you only need a single tool to do a wide range of tasks. As a result, you can save on costs, improve productivity, and most important improve your company’s technological infrastructure all at the same time.

Improve your productivity

Productivity is important especially when you are operating a fast-paced business. For example, if you have a retail store, you’d want your employees not to worry about their barcode scanners and mobile devices all the time. In short, if you need a device that is all-in-one, rugged Windows tablet with a built-in 2D barcode scanner is your best option.

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Reduce downtime

One major setback with regular using regular barcode scanners is that they can breakdown anytime. This can be very problematic when you need to provide products or solutions at a consistent pace. For example, in the warehousing industry, broken barcode scanners can mean a disastrous backlog of work for everyone. Having a rugged Windows device with a barcode scanner means you no longer need to worry about downtime. Clearly, rugged devices are made to last and perform even in the harshest conditions. That means that no matter what the kind of environment you need the barcode scanner for, it will work at full capacity.

Utilise A Top Operating System

A rugged Windows device with a built-in barcode scanner means you have an entire computer in the palm of your hand. Undoubtedly, this can bring a world of convenience for your entire team. Imagine scanning all your items and automatically storing them in an app of your choice to update your server real-time.

There are numerous reasons why you should consider a Windows 10 device. If you are looking for an operating system that is unlike no other, Windows 10 is the best choice. After all, this OS is one of the most versatile that Microsoft has ever made. Additionally, it offers a bi-annual update, which means you can expect consistent new features and support. This will allow you to do far beyond what you traditionally experience in a PC.

Conker Devices with Windows OS

Instead of producing a completely different operating system each year, Windows 10 is innovative because it gets a free update semi-annually. This approach has been so effective, that we see more and more Windows users preferring this version over Windows 7 which is Microsoft’s most popular OS. Just like many other Windows OS, Windows 10 comes with different versions that are meant for different kinds of hardware. For example, the Windows 10 Pro is made for those who are using a laptop or desktop. Alternatively, the Windows 10 Lite is made for those who are using hardware with a small OS capacity.

UK rugged device maker, Tablet Technologies brings rugged devices to a completely different level. What the team has done was to create Conker Rugged Windows Tablets that come with a full Windows 10 operating system. The company’s latest releases such as the Conker NS6, Conker SX8.

Industries that Can Take Advantage of Rugged Windows Device with A Barcode Scanner

You may find barcodes generally in retail stores or in warehouses where it is necessary to track large inventories. However, there are numerous other possibilities and range of sectors that barcodes can support. Having a barcode scanner to your rugged Windows tablets will definitely improve the way you deliver your products and services.

There are several types of barcodes and the most common are the linear and QR codes. Linear codes are typically subdivided further depending on the kind of business and data that you want to store. For example, most warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution companies use a linear barcode with interleave of 2 and 5. On the other hand, book publishers use the International Article Number (EAN) linear codes to trace and locate books.

Furthermore, there is another type of barcode. The Quick Response (QR) Codes which has been getting more and more attention over the last decade. QR codes are gaining popularity as marketing tools which allows you to link web-based information.

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Hospitality Sector – Events, Movies, and Travel

Many events, movie houses, and the travel sector use barcodes to scan tickets and improve customer experience. Barcode scanners are used to verify the validity of tickets before customers can enter a venue. For the travel industry, most airlines also use barcodes to check if the customer is boarding the correct flight.

Barcodes are also useful to count the sales generated for a certain event. This means your employees can provide more meaningful services to your customers than keep track of the tickets. Using a rugged device with a barcode scanner means you can easily store all the information straight into your system. You can effectively reduce long hours of creating reports and can maximise your employee’s tasks.

Warehouse, Delivery Fleet, Retail and Manufacturing

Probably the most common industries that are using barcode technology are warehouse, delivery fleet, retail and manufacturing. A rugged Windows device means your employees need not to worry about the wear and tear that their tools will go through.

Health and Education

Rugged Windows devices can also be extremely useful in the sectors of health and education. In health to take care of inventory, medications, or customer information – barcodes are useful tools.

A Range of Industries Using QR Codes

QR codes are the most popular types of barcodes these days. This unique box codes were invented in Japan and are used for a range of industries. From rewards cards to bus tickets, QR codes is one of the best because it can directly connect you with the information available online.  A QR code requires the use of a 2D scanner to work.

A 2D barcode is capable of storing more languages and information. It contains numerous resources, for example, a URL so customers can easily find a website. Conker’s rugged devices are equipped with the best built-in 2D barcode scanners. This means your employees can use the most powerful tool in the market today and a scanner that will automatically store any information into the system real-time.

How To Choose The Right Barcode Scanners

In industries where barcode scanners are a necessity for daily operations, it is important to know if you are using the right tool. Industries like retail, warehouse, hospitality, and education are some of the sectors where barcodes can play an important role.

Most of the time, the technology for these sectors often evolve – fast. For example, many retail distribution facilities are now moving towards a technology-based operation. So barcode scanners and computers play a crucial role in tracking and managing inventory. However, using two devices at the same time can lessen productivity.

Traditional Barcode Scanners Versus Rugged Windows Devices with Barcode Scanners

Since traditional barcode scanners are single-purpose devices, they can scan fast compared to multi-purpose devices. Most barcode scanners are industry-specific – meaning it is made solely for a warehouse to warehouse to read the data of an item. Additionally, traditional barcode scanners are less expensive. And this is the reason why it is the most commonly used item in most warehouses.

In comparison, a rugged Windows device with a barcode scanner can totally change the way you operate. It can fill the gaps when you need to make your processes technologically advance. The difference between these devices from regular mobile phones is that you do not use a regular cellphone camera to scan the images. The built-in scanners are built to purposely – scan.

To make it even more useful, Conker uses only 2D barcode scanners in all its products. This ensures that your rugged device will be useful for the kind of barcodes that it needs to read. Whether you are using linear codes for your retail store or QR codes for your delivery services, you will be able to take advantage of your built-in scanner.

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Pick The Ones That Has A Powerful Operating System

Conker’s NS6 and Conker NS8 are perfect examples of a full Windows 10 rugged tablet with a built-in barcode scanner. These devices are fitted with the top of the market barcode scanners like the Honeywell scanners. Moreover, since these devices run with a Full Windows 10 operating system, it can be fitted with some of the easiest and most familiar tools available for your employees.

Rugged Tablets and Devices Bring Better Durability

Probably the best reason why rugged devices should be the choice for most industries is that it is built to last. Machinery movement, heat, water, and dust coming in contact with regular devices can easily cause a problem. In some industries like delivery and warehouse, the devices are also exposed to other damage risks like drops. Therefore, a rugged device makes the best investment because it can perform for a long time.

Made To Be Compatible with a Range of Software

To make your warehouse technology-ready, the tools that you use must be compatible with different advance software. The beauty of using a rugged Windows tablet with a barcode scanner is that you can expect warehouse management software to match.

In conclusion, when it comes to managing your business, you need to make sure that you have the right tools and devices. A barcode scanner is an ultimate tool for companies that are managing a large inventory. However, it is crucial to consider the kind of barcode scanner that you are using on a daily basis. Using a rugged Windows device with a barcode scanner is a good choice because it will save you cost overtime. This means your employees will be able to use a barcode scanner on top of a very powerful full Windows 10 device.

The Conker NS6 and NS6 pay are the smallest Windows 10 devices in the market today. You can also consider bigger tablets like the Conker NS8, Conker NS10, and Conker NS12 that can perform specific functions depending on what business you operate.

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